At Panama Yacht Adventures, there are no limits to exploration and adventure. We take pride in being your gateway to any corner of the world you have in mind. We are always ready to take your group to exciting internationaldestinations, providing unforgettable experiences every step of the way.

We have a strong and well-established logistics network all over the world, and we are pleased to announce that our sister company, ITA Global, is in charge of managing all the logistics. This means that we will be there, at your preferred location, to welcome you with open arms and offer you first-class service from the moment you step out of your home country.

ITA Global, with its vast experience in logistics and international travel planning, will work closely with our highly experienced and dedicated team to ensure that every detail of your international journey is carefully planned and executed. From transportation logistics and activity coordination to the selection of quality accommodations, we will be by your side to make your dreams of traveling to any corner of the planet come true.

Whether you want to enjoy the lush Amazon rainforest, relax on the paradise beaches of the Caribbean, explore the ancient cultures of Asia, or experience the wonders of Europe, we are here to make it possible.

At Panama Yacht Adventures, along with our sister company ITA Global, we are excited and prepared to take you to your dream international destinations. There are no borders to stop us, and we are eager to make your travels memorable and unforgettable.