Enjoy the thrill of sport fishing in the crystal-clear waters of Coiba and Piñas aboard our Hatteras and Defender vessels! Our all-inclusive experience will provide you with the
opportunity to live unforgettable moments as you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of these stunning locations.

Our vessels, the Hatteras 45′ and Defender 61′, are designed to offer exceptional comfort and performance during your fishing adventure.

Imagine casting your line into the waters rich with marine life, where you’ll find a variety of exciting species waiting to challenge your fishing skills. From majestic marlins to powerful tunas and vibrant dorados, Coiba and Piñas are true paradises for sports fishing enthusiasts.

Our all-inclusive packages are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and satisfaction. From first-class fishing equipment to delicious onboard meals, we take care ofall the details so you can focus on fishing and fun. Additionally, you can relax on spacious decks, enjoy the company of fellow passionate anglers, and share stories around the table.

Coiba and Piñas aren’t just fishing destinations; they are true natural treasures that will leave you breathless. Imagine being surrounded by lush vegetation and pristine beaches as you await your next big catch. Our captains and crew know these waters like the back of their hands and will guide you to the best fishing spots, ensuring a memorable experience.

So, if you’re seeking an unforgettable sport fishing experience in a stunning all-inclusive setting, our Hatteras 45′ and Defender 61′ vessels in Coiba and Piñas are the perfect choice.


(Tropic Star) Rates 2023

Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
Group of 2 $7,000 $8,000 $9,000
Group of 3 $5,000 $5,900 $6,800
Group of 4 $4,150 $4,950 $5,750
Group of 5 $3,600 $4,300 $5,000
Group of 6 $3,300 $3,900 $4,500

Note: Rates are per person


(Hannibal Bank) Rates 2024

Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days
Group of 2 $10,500 $11,000 $12,000
Group of 3 $7,2000 $8,100 $9,000
Group of 4 $5,600 $6,400 $7,200
Group of 5 $4,620 $5,420 $6,120
Group of 6 $4,108 $4,908 $5,508

Note: Rates are per person