Partial transit through the Panama Canal begins with entry into the Miraflores Locks, where our ship starts an ascent of 18 meters in two stages, leaving behind the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Next, we enter the Miraflores Lake, a small oasis of fresh water that separates the two locks on the Pacific side of the Canal. We sail peacefully through its waters until we reach the Pedro Miguel Locks, where the ship ascends another 9 meters, providing a breathtaking panoramic view.

Once we exit the locks, we will spot the Centennial Bridge, an architectural marvel that stretches over the waters.

Continuing our journey, we venture into the famous Culebra Cut, nicknamed for its winding curves resembling a snake’s movement. We sail 13.7 kilometers along this picturesque cut as we head towards the fascinating area of Gamboa, home to the facilities of the Dredging Division of the Panama Canal Authority.

Upon arrival at these facilities, passengers disembark to make way for the next part of the adventure. They board our comfortable buses that will take them to the Flamenco Marina. During this journey, they can enjoy the lush landscapes of the region, on a trip that lasts approximately 45 minutes.

This partial tour of the Panama Canal is an experience that combines the wonder of engineering with the natural beauty of the surroundings, offering our passengers an adventure filled with awe and excitement. We invite you to join us to discover the grandeur of this engineering masterpiece and the splendor of Panama’s nature. We look forward to welcoming you to this unforgettable experience!


Buffet Lunch
Water and sodas
Certified Bilingual Guide


Saturdays and Sundays
The schedules are confirmed one day before departure by the Panama Canal Authority.

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