Are you looking for a certified agency to coordinate the transit of your vessel through the Panama Canal?

You’ve come to the right place!

We are a dedicated company that facilitates and manages the transit of all types of vessels that wish to cross the Panama Canal. Our highly trained team provides comprehensive agency services, ensuring a smooth and successful journey for our clients.

Our commitment is to make every step of the process efficient and hassle-free. From the moment our clients contact us, we take care of all the logistics, ensuring that every detail is perfectly coordinated.

Our excellence in ship agency is built on the skill and leadership of our CEO, Captain Andrés Navarro. With an outstanding track record in the maritime industry and a deep knowledge of the Panama Canal, Captain Navarro impeccably coordinates all the logistics alongside our specialized team. His dedicated approach and ability to make informed decisions ensure that each journey is carried out with precision and efficiency.

Together with our highly trained team, Captain Navarro ensures that every aspect of ship agency is handled with professionalism and excellence, providing our clients with the confidence and peace of mind they need for a successful sailing experience in the Panama Canal.

We are prepared to provide personalized assistance and tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Trust Panama Yacht Adventures for reliable and professional ship agency services through the Panama Canal!

We offer private transits through the Panama Canal, Panama Bay tours, private beach days for your group, corporate Christmas events, and more! We offer the possibility of exceptional catering service, prepared by our professional chef. You can taste a delicious selection of dishes and drinks, tailored to your preferences and needs. Enjoy top-notch gastronomy while contemplating the stunning landscapes that surround us.

Make travelling through the Panama Canal easy and convenient with one all inclusive agency to handle all of your needs.

With years of actual experience as United States Coast Guard-certified captains and Merchant Marine graduates, we understand your needs and concerns better than someone lacking the depth of skills essential for traveling through the Panama Canal.

Our certified captains, who will personally supervise and monitor your yacht arrival and Canal crossing, are on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise.

That is what sets us apart and makes us so valued and trusted by our fellow shipping professionals.

We will perform all the necessary scheduling and securing of time as listed below:

  • Schedule and secure lockage/transit time
  • Submit and handle all paperwork required by the Panama Canal Authority
  • Arrange all payments and fees, including security deposit to the Panama Canal Authority
  • Provide all necessary crew to make your transit safe (line-handlers and certified captain)
  • Arrange slip or mooring space while staying in Panamanian waters

If your ship requires any additional services, we will deliver professionally and promptly to your vessel by experienced vendors approved by the Panama Canal Authority.

  • Purchase and delivery of groceries (basic sundries to gourmet foods, liquors and all beverages)
  • Deck and engine supplies
  • Diesel and hydraulic repairs
  • Fiberglass and hull maintenance/repairs
  • Inboard and outboard maintenance and repair
  • On-board emergency medical services
  • Emergency room attention
  • 24-hour on call medical services
  • Shore private excursions for owners or guest on board